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"You say you want a revolution?" My latest piece for New York-based Culture Crush

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

"When it comes to the special relationship between Great Britain and its troublesome ex-American colonies, talk of revolution is yet again all the rage. However, these new battles and cries for freedom are being fought at dinner tables and Twitter feeds on both sides of the Atlantic. And this time, we are mostly fighting amongst ourselves. And each outrage and counteraction borders more and more on the edge of one’s perception, and further and further from our true shared reality. So where do you stand in the culture wars? Pro-Trump or pro-Warren? (or Sanders? or Biden? or Buttigieg? or Klobuchar? or Harris?) Pro-Brexit or pro-Remain? For or against gay rights, impeachment, immigration, gun control, transgender rights, affirmative action, porn, unions, cultural appropriation, climate change, soda cup size, free speech on campus, religious freedom, eating meat? Do you care or dare nail your colours to the mast of this shipwreck? Do you find yourself posting comments in the hope you’ll find validation from your contemporaries? Do you even have friends who don’t broadly share your view? Do you know or care about what’s on the other side?"

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