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What a bloody year that was...

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Well, I made it. Didn't touch a drop of booze between 9th November 2015 and 9th November 2016. What a bloody year. Bowie, Brexit, now Trump. Enough to drive you to drink. Many thanks to all who are sponsoring me for Children in Need. You can keep sponsoring me till November 2017 and I will MATCH all donations up to the first £1,000. That's the #PiggottPledge. (Type that into Twitter to see my relentlessly depressing updates from Day One).

Here's a link to my Just Giving page.

By the way - I might have a can of Stella in my hand, but I haven't had a drink yet. School run, work, yada yada. To prove it I posted a video on the excellent One Year No Beer Facebook page. Time to show booze who's boss. (Who am I kidding? Stella, forgive me...)

Cheers all!

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