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The Still Project

Updated: Jan 1

Recently I was asked to contribute a short story to an interesting project called "Still", by artist and photographer Roelof Bakker. Roelof has taken a series of haunting photographs in a disused town hall and wanted some stories to accompany his images; my fellow Legend Presser Andrew Blackman kindly put my name forward along with several other Legend authors.

Roelof offered up a selection of images, and invited each writer to write a story based on that image alone - an interesting exercise and one I may put to my students next Semester. My story, "Midnight Hollow", drew on my experiences of working in town halls, and late at night, and buffing floors, and being a sad and lonely individual (a long time ago, obviously...)

The images and stories are now all in place and Roelof now has a publisher on board, so the book should be out next year. In the meantime visit his website fore more information about this and his other work. He's a great photographer and I'm delighted to play a small part in the project. I even love the title - which as I'm sure Roelof knows is the title of Joy Division's final album...

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