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Read my short story Waterlow Sunrise in the Brits Issue of Literary Commune

Updated: Jan 1

Delighted to announce my short story, "Waterlow Sunrise", has been published in issue 5 of the "Literary Commune" - the Brits issue. As you can see from the contents list this is a really special issue and I'm proud to be included.

The Brits issue - contents:

Televisions in Heaven by Ewan Morrison

Arcadia Planitia by Joe Hakim

Remembrance by Jeremy Young

White Field Green Sheep by Jeremy Young

Funny Money by Thomas McColl

Open Mic by Thomas McColl

Unfolded Tongue by Yuxing Xia

Love Disjointed by J.S. Watts

A Process by Terence Corless

The Siren in the Palace by Terence Corless

Waterlow Sunrise by Mark Piggott

Diversity by Shaun Stafford

Sore Losers by Ian Parris

Julia’s Joy by DJ Tyrer

Wally by Martin Knight

Fourtold Chapter 5 by Ray Hyland

Have Faith … in yourself by Mike Williams

Here's a sample from Waterlow Sunrise:

The boy had found a place to sleep where he felt safe and dry, close to the hospital and far from hardcore Holloway Road... tucked just inside the Waterlow Park, East Side, the Highgate Hill entrance north of the mental hospital, in among the shrubbery but raised slightly on a muddy knoll so that rain water never dampened his sleeping bag and all he had to worry about were the city’s vulpine scavengers. Back home he’d never been an early riser (mum flipping back the sheets, dad throwing ice-buckets) but since arriving in North London he’d risen with the sun or, more frequently, the mist and dew.

Today the sun was a cold yellow disk nailed to the grey canvas sky but its milky light woke him even though its heat didn’t warm him, so he rose, stiff, aching, hid the sleeping bag in a bush, went to the Turkish convenience store on the corner for his carton of milk and dry duck-bread, then sat on a bench, humming.

‘Eva Hersch loved this place’: that’s what it said on the silver plate screwed into the bench. He was sure she did; though he couldn’t understand why and now would never get to ask if she had ever slept behind those bushes or begged for change from the patrons of Lauderdale House...

Read the rest in the Brits Issue of Literary Commune.

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