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Piggott's Pledge: a whole year off booze

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Just to let you know, I, Mark Liam "Thirsty" Piggott, am taking a year off booze for my kids, my liver, my brain, my writing and for charity. I'm not ill, hungover or even particularly worried about how much I drink - I just want to prove it's possible to give up something you love for a good cause. (For all of you who never drank or for whatever reason stopped for good - I salute you.)

Over the coming year (which is of course a bloody Leap Year) I'll be writing and Tweeting about my experiences and hopefully encourage a few people to make a pledge of their own to Children in Need (link below). I don't expect anyone to hand over a penny until the year's up - but if I DO make it to 9th November 2016, I hope some of you might send a few pennies to the charity.

In the meantime - have one for me!*

*Make that two

Here's my Children in Need page:


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