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Norfolk and Broads: my latest short story in the Literary Commune

Updated: Jan 1

"The first time I looked in Marsha’s eyes she had me pinned to the floor of the Manor House with one hand, a broken glass under my chin with the other. She had one blue eye, one green, a dirty-blonde bob and a stud through her nose; wore an Ian Wright top and black tracky bottoms with white stripes up the leg and her breath smelled of Rothmans and Baileys. It was love..."

Read the rest of my short story, "Norfolk and Broads", in issue 7 (October 2015) of the mighty fine Literary Commune. There are also great stories and poems from the likes of Ewan Morrison, Jacqueline Stephens and many more. As I wrote previously, this free literary magazine - published in old-school A5 - is now consistently publishing the best new writing not only from the UK but around the world. Order oodles of copies for you, your friends and your therapist at:


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