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Lights out in Longsight

Updated: Jan 1

Yesterday I went with Legend big cheese(y) Tom Chalmers to Manchester, where we took a workshop on the subject of "getting published". We were joined on the panel by authors Max Malik, whose "The Butterfly Hunter" is out now, and Georgina Kamsika, whose book "The Sulphur Diaries" is also out soon. Both were very lucid and seem to know what they're talking about - "unlike you", I hear you mutter.

Our venue was the library in Longsight, which is both modern and welcoming; sadly, the lights kept going out and so every now and then we found ourselves talking in the dark as the wind stripped the trees outside. This didn't seem to bother anyone much, and made me at least feel rather less inhibited. Subjects touched on included submissions, agents and e-publishing; hopefully some of it was of use to our guests. It was to me...

Though I was born in nearby Withington the first place we lived was Reynell Road, Longsight, so in a way this was a sort of homecoming; pretty typical that it took place in darkness. Oh well, still an enjoyable day; then on the train home Tom and I entered into a tentative discussion about the merits (or otherwise) of my latest novel, "emptiness". Sounds promising...

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