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Another lock-in on the Holloway Road...

Updated: Jan 1

Spent an interesting morning with Tom from Legend and fellow author Andrew (“Holloway Road”) Blackman “running” a writing workshop at Blackwell’s bookshop in Holloway Road as part of the festival. Brought back fond memories of my degree at UNL (as was), when Blackwell’s was the shop of choice for many of the more penurious undergraduates (not me, of course) so it was sad to hear it’s going to be flattened soon.

As part of the workshop we asked those present to write about any of a number of themes, or make stuff up, and were really impressed with some of the writing. Less impressive was the fact that just before the event I somehow managed to lock myself in the toilet upstairs and had to bend my front door key to escape. Oh, the glamour...

After the event I met up with Mike from fourthreethree magazine(after John Cage, not the latest Capello formation) and outside the Metro he recorded me reading “Meat City”, one of my wackier stories. After my Fire Horses book launch at LondonMet we all ended up at the Metro; I’m so old I remember when it was called the Holloway Tavern and had lock-ins, so maybe my incident in Blackwell’s was some strange homage.

More on fourthreethree later...

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