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Read my major feature about homelessness in today's "Sunday Express"

Updated: Jan 1

As I said in my last blog, I spent last Tuesday with the staff and clients of New Horizons in London’s Somerstown. Today, my article was published in the "Sunday Express". “Betrayal of our homeless youth” is about how projects such as New Horizons are bearing the impact of cuts and changes in the way grants are allocated and I’m really grateful to all involved, including Channel 4 newsreader John Snow and Mayor Boris Johnson.

It’s getting harder and harder to get articles like this published; the nationals are constantly cutting back on budgets for freelancers, and relying more and more on their staffers to write everything. Yesterday, for instance, the Times had Caitlin Moran on the cover of its "Weekend" section, while Robert Crampton had the cover (plus six whole pages inside) of the Saturday magazine in which to reveal the fact he worries he might be drinking too much.

As usual when I’m in a paper, you won’t find a link here. Go buy a copy (or several) and save our newspapers...

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