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Zippin' up my boots...

I’ve brought the kids back to my home town, Hebden Bridge, for the first time in six months. The last time we visited, in February, my article about the town had just appeared in the Times, which caused quite a reaction, and not exactly one I’d expected or wanted. Though some of the criticism was fair, much of it was deeply offensive and made by people who chose to remain anonymous.

As these critics didn’t contact me directly, and didn’t reveal their identities, it would have been impossible to respond even if I’d wanted. Nor do I wish to rake up the debate again now the dust has finally settled. But I will say is this: my article is an honest, well-intentioned account of my teenage years (in what was then a very different place) and the lives of some of my friends. I stand by it.

I’m enjoying being back in Yorkshire. Whatever the views of certain people (some of whom didn’t even live in the area during the period I wrote about) Hebden Bridge will always be my home town. No doubt those same people will be chuffed to hear that even if I wished, I couldn’t afford to live there now anyway...

All together now:

“Zippin’ up my boots… / Goin’ back to my roots yeah…”

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