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Two poems in the new anthology by Enthusiastic Press

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Really excited to announce that two of my older poems are included in the new anthology published by the fantastic Enthusiastic Press. Particularly pleased to see that a poem I wrote at the age of 16 (“Together”) has finally found a home along with “In memory of Thomas Clarke”. Both are probably hopelessly out of their depth alongside some brilliant poems, short stories, and images by some of the UK’s finest creators.

Enthusiastic Press is rapidly becoming one of the UK’s most formidable, interesting and, yes, enthusiastic publishers – last year they included my short story “The Angel of Stalingrad” and poem “Roman Synchysis” in the equally brilliant “Greetings” anthology. Visit their online shop now, support this fresh young publisher, read some brilliant new writing – or buy your loved ones and friends the

ideal Christmas present.


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