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Suffolkating: Just an Everyday Standard Coincidence?

"It's almost Christmas: the kids rehearse for the school nativity, the Christmas tree has been extracted from its tatty box, the living-room walls are festooned with cards from those lucky souls to whom we remembered to give our new address (the woman with whom we house-swapped hasn't forwarded mail, though we kindly sent on all her bailiff's letters, summonses and unpaid bills). Having received a card from the middle-aged couple a few doors along, next week we're having a little soiree for the neighbours - all except Dead Bob Willis and his invisible wife, obviously. As I drive home from Homebase with a boot full of planks singing along to "Rebel Rebel" it somehow feels Christmassy and normal..."

Read the rest of my latest Suffolkating blog at the Huffington Post.

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