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#OutofOfficeQuotes 96: "Van Gogh looks back with melancholy airs from beneath his back-sweep..."

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Monica frowns stupidly. She’s ready, but ready for what? Hook wants to kiss her, rub his cock on her cheek, but he looks up at the Van Gogh self-portrait instead. Van Gogh looks back with melancholy airs from beneath his back-sweep.

“You don’t know what you are?” asks Monica, a long time later it seems.

“No, I don’t know what a racist is – or me, for that matter.”

“A racist is someone who treats people differently because of the colour of their skin.”

“But what does that mean – ‘treats people differently’?”

“It’s pretty simple, Chris. For a guy who thinks he’s so smart, you’re an asshole sometimes.”

“Jim Jones was progressive Monica, Jim Jones was anti-segregation...”

“Don’t talk to me about goddamn Jim Jones!”

Hook says nothing. That whole Jonestown thing is a sore point with Monica; he’s never asked why. He knows he’s needling her but can’t help himself, it’s like picking scabs. With his tender elbow he nudges her gently. Her warm ribs, soft white stomach inside that dress: so close, so far away.


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