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#OutofOfficeQuotes 83: 'The honeymoon never ends'? It never really started: they went to Clacton...

#OutofOfficeQuotes 83:

Hook shifts on his knees as pins and needles spread north. ‘The honeymoon never ends’? It never really started: they went to Clacton. With a shudder Hook goes in search of beer. Ken and Deirdre bob joylessly in their fetid waste but rather than deal with their situation he takes a beer from the fridge and turns on the TV in the living room; both words seem over-stated. Hook hopes watching cricket will take his mind off sex and all these complications; but it’s so boring he turns on the laptop and looks at looner porn.

My second novel, Out of Office (published by Legend Press in paperback), is now on Kindle for 99p.


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