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On the road again...

Yesterday, went with Legend Press supreme cheese Tom Chalmers to Birmingham, where we’d been invited by author Richard Beard to speak to MA students at the National Academy of Writing, of (or indeed at) which he is the Director.We talked for far too long on subjects including independent publishing, Print on Demand, and why I dropped “Liam” from my name on “Out of Office”.

As is often the case at these events, our audience were terrifyingly well-informed and had a whole load of questions to which we tried to provide some profoundly unsatisfactory answers. Afterwards, as is also frequently the case, we went for a too-quick pint then realised Tom and I had a train to catch.

On the way back to London Tom and I greatly annoyed our neighbours by discussing marketing strategies, the future of publishing and the respective merits of beer and cider, not necessarily in that order. Back in London Tom took a southbound Northern Line train while I headed north. I like to think everyone ends up where they belong...

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