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My comedy novel Kidology: the perfect summer read

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Some very exciting developments at the moment, none of which I can talk about just yet, including TV appearances, a major feature in one of the most prestigious magazines on Earth, and one more project that’s even more exciting. More news soon.

In the meantime, and because we all need a bit of a laugh at the moment, I am now re-issuing my first comedy novel, “Kidology”, which I had been working on with my former agent. I terminated our contract due to slow feedback – up to a year for each draft. A pity, as my then-agent said the book was so funny he pissed himself!

Having been told by other agents it was impossible for a humorous novel to sell, I decided to publish Kidology online alongside Militant Factions, a collection of my shorter fiction and creative non-fiction (mostly published elsewhere) to see if they were right. They were – but that doesn’t mean they have to stay right.

Here is the synopsis of this perfect summer read:

Lecturer Jim Cockburn (pronounced: Coburn) has a problem: unless he can scrape together £85,000 he'll have to move to Muswell Hill. Having promised fearsome Bavarian partner Ingrid he’ll scrape together the deposit on a house near the Free School in NW1 so his kids can attend a better school, Jim finds his hours reduced due to Brexit.

Then an unpleasant incident on holiday in France allows Jim to briefly take control of his destiny. Reluctantly - though not very - he becomes a middle class mugger who only (well, mostly) attacks “deserving” targets so he can continue to purchase the Camembert he loves. Though mostly, of course, to avoid moving to Muswell Hill.

KIDOLOGY is a dark, modern morality tale about the lies we tell ourselves and each other. Mostly, though, it sets out to answer the most pressing question of our age: What would you do to get your children into a better school?

Still unconvinced? Fair enough – so I will also be publishing 100 quotes from the novel, starting today.

Buy Kidology on Kindle today for just 99p.


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