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#MilitantFactionsQuotes 97: Miller puts down the glass on her dresser and goes to the kitchen

#MilitantFactionsQuotes 97:

He wakes mid-afternoon. Miller rises, groggy, picks up the tumbler, sniffing the pink stain and proud he feels no urge to lick. Taking the glass over to Joanne’s bungalow he knocks: no answer. Pushing the kitchen door open he listens but hears nothing except the ticking of a clock. Her bedroom door is slightly ajar: she’s lying on her stomach, snoring. Her dress is hiked up, white lace on show. Miller puts down the glass on her dresser and goes to the kitchen, writes a note, then he takes her car keys, gets in the Holden and drives.

-From "Ten thousand hours", first published by Prole Books (2011), and one of the stories in Mark Piggott's fiction/non-fiction collection "Militant Factions" available in paperback or Kindle from Amazon.

“Ten Thousand Hours” was a very striking story; its plot is masterfully conducted; the setting is oppressive but never stagnant, as the story ultimately has an interesting twist." - The New Yorker.

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