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#MilitantFactionsQuotes 14: -Do you mind if I ask... what you're writing?

#MilitantFactionsQuotes 14:

-May I sit?

Looking up from a story I’m trying to open I peer into a stranger’s sunny-wrapped face: twenties, dark, pretty. I shrug, the blush spilling across my pasty flesh accentuated by the awesome sunlight hammering on textured silver. There are empty tables all around the coffee shops of the Cappuccino Strip. I stiffen at her presence, her dress of pale flowers.

-Go right ahead.

The (Spanish?) woman sits at my table and dropping my own covered eyes to the dazzling white page I sense Iberian eyes x-ray for clues. To help her out I resume the futile scribbling in my little notebook, writing now about her, about what we could be doing together.

-Do you mind if I ask... what you’re writing?

-From "Rip it up and start again", first published by Frank Mask (2009), and one of the stories in Mark Piggott's fiction/non-fiction collection "Militant Factions" available in paperback or Kindle from Amazon.


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