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#MilitantFactionsQuotes 13: We don't like people do we Allie?

#MilitantFactionsQuotes 13:

We don't like people do we Allie?

No we don't like-

Everyone stares cos we look the same but we don't think the-

No we don't.

I know Allie let's go to that part with the deer and the big birds the ost-




Yeah let's go there to the big park with the big birds the deer and the-

The dinosaurs.

Yeah by those weirdo brothers Dino and-


Yeah that's I I'm saying the big metal structures by the weirdo brothers let's-


Yeah let's.


It's a long way up Allie.

It's a long way down.

What can you see?

Trees. Playground. Emus.

You mean ost-

Emus. Cold. Slippy metal.

I'm coming Allie!

Nice and slow. One leg each side. Sort of - clench the metal spine with your arse cheeks.

Not easy is it Allie. Bit slippy.

Nah but what a view man. You can see the whole city.

All of it?


What the London Eye?


Big Ben?

Um - nah.

How about the O2 Centre can you see that Allie?

Hang on I'll-


Fuck. Bit slippy.

Allie hang on! ALLIE!!!


Allie's gone.

Allie fell off the dinosaur.

If it had been the stego whatsit he'd have been okay but he had to go climbing Trex.

He was trying to see the O2 Centre.

I'm going there now.

Payback for Allie.

If anyone asks I'll say I was inspired by the Middle East.

People like an explanation for these things.

Makes them feel safer somehow, all sorted in a little box.

Sounds better than my twin brother fell off a dinosaur trying to see O2.

I have mother's gun in the bag.

The one she used to shoot herself.

Allie fell off the top of that metal dinosaur.

I watched him fall.

Fell in the grass but banged his head on the way.

Made a kid cry little prick.

All because of O2.

We used to go there after school. We liked the little fish in the tank that nibble flesh off your toes.

It's a long walk from our house.

Usually I take a bus. 268. But my Oyster's-


Well yeah anyway. My Oyster.


No-one suspects.

Just another hoodie.

I'm white. Safe.

Ask this security guard-


Okay, he's down.

Hole in the head.

Looks surprised.

No blood.

Running up the escalator.

Old man at the top.


Hahahahahaha wow.

Right through the nose.

Fell over.

Fingers caught in the escalator. Ouch.

Couple of kids in the photo booth.

Pop pop.

One in the head one in the arm I think.

That'll look funny when the photos pop out.

Pop pop.


What am I up to Allie?


Oh. Right. I forgot.

Four I think.

Allie counts better.

I'm the wordsmith round here.

People chasing us.


Into McDonalds. Captive audience innit. Go out in style.

Mum and her kids screaming under a table.

Peekaboo love.



-"Climbing Dinosaurs", one of the stories in Mark Piggott's fiction/non-fiction collection "Militant Factions" available in paperback or Kindle from Amazon.


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