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Marquez, Grossman, 'Suffolkating' and news from the 32nd floor...

What a week: what weeks... Working at the IB Times so much now (even today, albeit from home) there seems little point in providing a round-up of 32nd floor shenanigans, so if you want to see what I've been working on TAKE A LOOK HERE.

I'm spending so much time (and money) on trains that I'm finally catching up on some reading. In recent weeks I've read Jane Austin (Emma - what a cow), Revolutionary Road (superb), Portrait of a Lady, Fight Club and now Vasily Grossman's"Life and Fate". Interesting reading the parts about Ukraine...

Meanwhile, I've decided to stop producing the "Suffolkating" column for reasons which will soon become apparent; maybe I'll have to change the name to NOT Suffolkating. As for KIDOLOGY - finally coming together now, one last big push and hopefully it'll be with my agent by the summer hols.

Finally- saddened by the death of one of my heroes, Gabriel Garcia Marquez this week. Unlike many (most?) fans I actually preferred "Love in the Time of Cholera" (with its immortal last line, '"Forever", he said’...) to "One Hundred Years of Solitude" - but both are wonderful, as is of course his memoir, "Living to tell the tale". Goodbye, Gabo...

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