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#KidologyQuotes 98: The charnel-house of his bottom had become so all-encompassing...

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Although no-one was watching, Jim frowned. Was this it then? His brain deteriorating to the extent he could no longer process simple grammar? What sort of impact did that promise to have on his already stalling career? No, come on Jim, face facts, he mused as the train ground to a halt - "freefalling" was more accurate than "stalling", and somehow more dramatic, almost - glamorous.

In fact – was muddling up names even “grammar”? He could no longer recall: the charnel-house of his bottom had become so all-encompassing it had taken up his entire event-horizon, a black hole of infinite despair.

Jim shifted on the still-wet seat. Something didn’t feel right down there. It felt like there was something wedged between his cheeks: arse-feta? More like spaghetti...

There was a loud bang on the door: Jim jumped.

“Taken,” he squeaked, cleared his throat: “Taken,” he repeated, gruffly.


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