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#KidologyQuotes 91: "Do you remember what day it is, Jim?"

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

“Do you remember what day it is, Jim?”

Jim ran a response-tree in his brain: warning lights flashed. It was the anniversary of their first kiss, in the student union towards Christmas (late November), after months of circling one another like matador and bull – though which was which he was unclear.

“Billy the bull,” he muttered.


“Do you remember? We started talking about music and you admitted your favourite song was by Kate Bush, but you thought she was singing ‘I’m Billy the Bull’. To stop myself laughing I kissed you.”

"God I must've been pissed. Some catch you were. Broke, scruffy, approaching thirty, vast psychological issues, no car, living on a crappy little council estate-“

“That’s not fair!” Jim blazed, “It was quite a large estate actually.”


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