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#KidologyQuotes 83: "Tell us about the olden days, daddy"

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

"Tell us about the olden days, daddy."

Sometimes, to make the children laugh, Jim would tell them about the past. He pressed his fingers together, remembering.

"Once upon a time, your mobile phone would only hold five messages before the memory got full and you had to delete them... Not that it mattered because no-one could afford to send them."

Sian and Charlie laughed.

"Once," said Jim, "before IM, we had this thing called 'email'. You never knew if the person you were sending it to had read it - or even if it had arrived."

Sian and Charlie laughed a bit less: this was obviously rather implausible. Their eyes returned to the screen: Jim stood to leave.

"Once," thought Jim sadly, leaving them to their millennial lives, "we used to ask girls out for drinks - not DATES - DRINKS - rather than asking them to bare their arses on cam. And listen to albums from start to finish in the right order: side A, side B. And read books. And read..."


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