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#KidologyQuotes 76: The trick, he realised, was selecting one's victim carefully

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

The trick, he realised, was selecting one’s victim (and they were victims, he reminded himself, nodding, pleased that he understood this) carefully. No kids (unless they were scrotes like the kid from the strip-club), no pensioners, no mums, nobody with infirmities – nobody too poor (that ruled out plenty in the current climate), none too sickly and yet, being honest, no six foot Millwall fans, either. No gays (Jim chose to believe the man in the woods had been a homophobe) – and above all, no bull dykes. Jim had had run-ins with scary lesbians before, at lectures and seminars, at conferences and supermarkets, at the cinema, on trains, buses and tubes, at the market, at more than one funeral...


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