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#KidologyQuotes 57: Melanie's stall was selling Tombola tickets as if they'd fallen through a...

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Dreamily Jim followed Ingrid across to the hall, where more stalls had been set out, laden with old clothing, broken toys, chipped vases and other tat. Jim always found it astonishing that parents brought all their broken toys to school for others to buy; on one stall there was a broken toy plane he’d been coerced into purchasing, and had to lump back, at least five times.

To improve her PR ahead of the forthcoming governor’s election – a major task, what with the whole head-shaving business - Ingrid had promised to devote an hour to helping out on Melanie’s stall, which was selling Tombola tickets as if they’d fallen through a wormhole to a vicarage, in Dorset – in 1938. The yard was now even busier, with hundreds of parents and kids milling between stalls selling ice cream, German delicacies, hot dogs and mulled wine. Jim got closer and read the proud sign: alcohol-free mulled wine.


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