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#KidologyQuotes 50: Then maybe Ingrid might let him take her up the Bournville-

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

As he lay in bed watching his FLP grimly remove make-up - implying she wished to seem less attractive - Jim contemplated his mother’s generous offer. Of course, he'd been planning to marry Ingrid for ages; not for tax purposes, life insurance reasons, or to mollify Sian, who still clung to some weird and frankly unworkable 19th century notion of a nuclear family; or because the government not only clung to similar notions but gave you excellent tax breaks if you got hitched, or even because it would probably be a pretty good bash that might even end in Ingrid modelling new underwear to match her new boobs: no, he wished to marry Ingrid for love.

If only, he thought, not for the first time, he hadn't padlocked his urethra in that Eurostar toilet.

Still, he admitted deeply, the suggestion from his mother was an added incentive. Maybe, if he married Ingrid, and mummy gave him that dosh, he’d be able to buy Melanie’s place - complete with breakfast bar. Then maybe Ingrid might let him take her up the Bournville-

“What are you thinking?” whispered Ingrid.


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