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#KidologyQuotes 33: An agent acquaintance had "invited" her to write something

Melanie laughed as only someone who could afford to buy a new house in the shadow of St Joseph’s could laugh. She had never, so far as he knew, worked anywhere: spent most of her days trawling the charity shops of North London in search of a jumper once owned by Val Doonican.

“Um - so how DID you pay for it?”

Melanie explained as Jim tried to retain his rictus smile. Unlike pretty much all the other parents he knew, she’d never expressed any interest in writing, or reading, come to that; then an agent acquaintance had “invited” her to write something. Jim was sick of hearing about people who’d been “invited” to write books. No-one had ever invited Jim to write a book; in fact colleagues often begged him not to write one. But he would, one day – out of spite.


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