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#KidologyQuotes 30: Ingrid had suggested he was going through a midlife crisis

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Jim skimmed through fifty-odd identical assignments on the subject of “Falling Down”, marking down any which described the William Foster character as “middle class” – which was all of them. Now he came to think of it - wasn't Falling Down released in 1993? Oh well, too late now.

Jim liked the Jag: it had a nice soft seat. With his bottom, this was a boon. He'd written to the advertising company who marketed the cars explaining they really should be aiming more at the haemorrhoid market but they had yet to respond. It even had a walnut dashboard, which for reasons he didn't understand had become extremely important. Ingrid had suggested he was going through a "midlife crisis": Jim had patiently explained there was no such thing, it was all a media conspiracy to keep men down.

They'd agreed to differ in the end.


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