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#KidologyQuotes 27: Ingrid let Jim deal with the proles, such as workmen

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Ingrid hated taking Sian to school, probably because the ones who dropped off in the morning tended to be more proletarian in nature. Ingrid let Jim deal with the proles, such as workmen, which was how he'd always end up attempting to read up on Bolshevism for his Project only for some water board stooge to regale him with tales of woe caused by the coloureds and ethnics while demanding so many sugars in his tea Jim feared it would lead to the total collapse of the space-time continuum. Ingrid preferred to deal with the yummy mummies, the coffee-morning set whose Vietnamese or Australian nannies did the morning drop-off while they meditated or chaired international conferences from pagodas.


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