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#KidologyQuotes 24: He gazed through the streaked bus window with a morose expression...

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

With the exception of not marrying Ingrid, rear-ending his half-sister was the most expensive thing he'd ever done. Now, safely - or at least, undeniably - back in north London, following his weekly swim with Sian at the local baths he gazed through the streaked bus window with a morose expression: rather like someone who accidentally emailed a "tribute" video of his mum, to his mum.

The 134 creaked through Kentish Town: the soggy end of Hurricane Tracey blew in from somewhere exciting, detaching russet leaves from sorry-looking trees, scattering fast-food detritus and throwing rain-drops against the glass. How quick the seasons shifted: he tried to recall how it had felt to swim in water cooled by the breeze rather than urine, Dijon-sun on his skin. Jim sighed wistfully: a lout on the seat in front turned round and glared. Jim smiled cheesily and looked out the window again, remembering sunnier climes.


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