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#KidologyQuotes 18: Her amateur dramatics company perform their all-singing, all-dancing version of-

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Bored, Jim read one of the leaflets left by the loo: some sort of flyer for forthcoming events starring the Corporate Operations Director: "For the next six months Miss Faversham-Bowles and her amateur dramatics company from the WI will perform their all-singing, all-dancing version of The Human Centipede. Something for all the family. Don’t miss it!!!!!!!"

Jim threw the scrunched-up leaflet toward a bin across the stage, like a prop: missed. As children ran hither and thither, the endless squeak of sneakers like baby mice being murdered, they kicked up clouds of dust which flickered and shimmied in drab sunlight beaming through the tall windows like the spirits of children of yesteryear then settled on the sandwiches - white bread, natch. Despite the fact half the chavanistas from Choudhary estate were doing Doctorates in third world feminist theory they did love their Nimble.


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