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#KidologyQuotes 12: Jim reached for 'The Guardian', turning to the problem page

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Jim reached for “The Guardian”, turning to the problem page in search of schadenfreude:

"I’m an intelligent, popular and highly attractive lady in my early fifties living in a small Oxfordshire village. I am a university lecturer and my husband is also a university lecturer. Recently I have become increasingly disillusioned with my life. Although my husband loves me a great deal, my two children are studying some miles away at world-renowned Universities, and I only ever see them at weekends and during the six month summer holidays. Though I have a wide circle of friends, a sublimely fulfilling career and virtually unlimited amounts of money at my ready disposal, I can’t help feeling..."

Casting the “Guardian” aside with a curse he reached for “The Sun”, which Ingrid occasionally bought to better understand the subterranean mindset of the quasi-fascist pro-Leaver. Jim leafed for the problem page, which unlike that of The Guardian was juiced up with photographs of models in sturdy bikinis:

"My bloke went to sign on and I found myself in bed with the gas man, his sister - and a donkey. It all started when-"


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