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Kidology; Indian memories; happy birthday son

Kids back to school, waiting to start my NEW JOB (more on which soon) and on word from other places; feeling rather adrift. Working on a couple of features and waiting on a couple more to go in and trying to divide my time between my three major projects: my memoirs, a collection of my journalism and short stories; and my new novel, “Kidology”.

My memoirs keep coming back, in fits and starts and shudders; maybe I won’t want them published till many years hence, but no harm in setting them down, helped by 30 years of notes, diaries and insistent images, plus several previous drafts. I WAS going to call them “M1 in a t-shirt”, but now contemplating something more striking like “Dark Entries”.

With “Militant Factions” I need a couple more stories to be accepted for a round twenty; then I’ll add these plus another 10-20 as yet unpublished, mix in some journalism, some “creative non-fiction”, add some extracts of my novels, and see how it all cooks up - currently having another look at a very odd piece I wrote about India ten years ago.

As for “Kidology”, that’s the latest book; a strange, warped comedy about a family trying to survive all the slings and arrows...

But all these projects can wait; because today I celebrate something far more important, my son’s fifth birthday. This one’s for you, Sean...

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