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#FireHorsesQuotes 98: "...A rough-crafted heart, as in love..."

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

#FireHorsesQuotes 98: “Becky had written a three-letter note on the back of the star-naming certificate I’d given her in Majorca and left it where she knew I’d find it: on my shelf in the fridge.

‘I [something] U.’

The central letter or symbol is a rough circle with two string-ends, and I’ll never be entirely sure whether it says I O U, or I ♥ U. I still have the note, and take it out from time to time when melancholy with wine; but I still haven’t figured out whether the manic squiggle is an O, as in ‘owe,’ or a rough-crafted heart, as in ‘love.’"


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