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#FireHorsesQuotes 96: "Clogging the branches of the dismal trees like skewered crows..."

#FireHorsesQuotes 96: “Peering through a lens from the bus’s top deck I recorded black bin liners clogging the branches of the dismal trees of Holloway Road like skewered crows. An old man I recognised as being Irish sat on a mangled bench with his can of Tennants, and I realised I was filming an endangered species: the Fifties’ émigré, rubble-dust streaking his grey hair, rollie on his lips, one of the abused generation who had found austere post-war London preferable to the auld sod but who were already dying out, to be replaced by thousands of smart young chaps and chapesses clutching doctorates in IT.”

Special offer: from 27 Feb-1 Mar 2021 my debut novel, Fire Horses (first pub. by Legend Press in paperback), can be obtained free on Kindle.


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