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#FireHorsesQuotes 73: "Together we watched the day's second dawn..."

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

#FireHorsesQuotes 73: “Cornwall fell into temporary darkness, and it was all the fault of the moon. Seagulls screeched and wheeled in their confusion then returned to precarious nests on the rocks, believing it was night. Down by the shore waves swept in, oblivious; flashing cameras recorded the eclipse for future generations who’d open photo albums and wonder why the night had been deemed photogenic. I didn’t have my camera, and wondered how you take a photograph of nothing.

The clifftop resounded to the whoops and champagne corks of the lucky few who had made it through the snarl-ups. As the fire lit up the sky over the ocean, I felt Herm’s hand slip into mine and tears pricked at my eyes, my tongue too swollen to drink the cheap wine, and together we watched the day’s second dawn while the seagulls raucously cried…”


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