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Everything's gone Green...

Having voted Labour at every general election since 1987 (the first in which I was able to vote) it felt strange putting an X beside the Green party. My family were involved in setting up the Labour Party; in 1997 I marched to Downing Street in celebration; and now, 13 years later, I want them out (though not enough to let the Tories in).

Momentarily on leaving the booth I feel like a traitor; then I remember ID cards, and Iraq, and the destruction of civil liberties, and the financial incompetence, the PFI scandal, the sucking up to big business, the blizzard of new laws, the reluctance to embrace green technology and tackle global warming, the wacko religious bills, the failure to reform the Lords and the Commons, the expenses scandal and God knows what else, and remember: I haven’t betrayed Labour, they have betrayed Britain.

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