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End of term report

Well, I did it: got KIDOLOGY to my agent in time for the end of term. That's the easy bit...

Kids broke for summer yesterday, thank Christ - we were all becoming institutionalised. As for Gove's suggestion that kids have a shorter summer break - here's what I wrote last summer:

Still on the subjects - of summer, and the Express - London IS suffering a bit (at least till today) - but we really should stop moaning and just enjoy it, as I said in the Express back in 2009:

Trouble is we aren't designed for it, we Londoners - we start to get all tetchy, beep horns, shout in supermarkets. Thankfully on Monday we're off to Southern Finland for a fortnight - can't wait for those lakes, forests, and clean fresh air.

What a weird world we live in. Bombs in mosques, schoolgirls shot for wanting an education, racist countries run by black men, Tories hacking away at benefits and liberty, Libdems up their arse, Labour not fit to bear the name, cops a law unto themselves... Still: mustn't grumble, could be worse - I could be the travel editor of The Times.

Finally, very sad news today - the death of one of my childhood heroes. Mel Smith was a genuinely funny man who also did some interesting "straight" roles - anyone remember "Muck and Brass"? Anyway - "Not the Nine o'clock News" made me and me stepbrother Aidan laugh more than pretty much anything on earth - thanks for the memories Mel.

Have a spiffing summer everyone, and don't forget to drink lots of lovely beer to keep cool and hydrated.

Oh - and only girls wear hats.

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