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Dinner at the Savoy, breakfast on Ulster radio

Last evening I was honoured to be invited to the British Guild of Travel Writers dinner at London’s Savoy Hotel. There was a Las Vegas theme to the evening complete with showgirls, tacky neon and the mayor of Las Vegas, the startling Carolyn Goodman.

The night also included a surprise appearance by West Indies cricketer Viv Richards and a show-stopping performance by Matt “Bros” Goss, who seems to have reinvented himself out on the Strip. Ah, Matt, I still remember your FSM interview back in 1987...

As a result of my Guardian comment last week, this morning I was a guest of Joel Taggart on BBC Ulster, where I attempted to defend people who drink against the forces of evil who want us all to work, go home, watch TV then drop dead on retirement day.

Oh yes – in that hectic 24 hours I also squeezed in a trip to the swimming pool and a McDonalds with the kids, and their McFlurry was even tastier than the dessert at the Savoy...

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