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Catch me at the Legend Press workshop in London tomorrow

Updated: Jan 1

With the rise of e-publishing, print on demand and other routes to self-publishing, not to mention the ongoing travails of traditional publishing (read Ewan Morrison’s interesting but sobering presentation to the Edinburgh book festival, reproduced by The Guardian), is there any longer a point in sending your beloved MS off to an agent or publisher? (Answer: yes).

Join me and assorted agents, authors and publishers at The Phoenix in London this Saturday (12-4) to discuss these and other subjects related to self-publishing. As someone who considered self-publishing but then went down the traditional route, I might have differing views to my fellows on the panel, but hopefully it won’t all end in bloodshed.



1 Phoenix Street, London, WC2H 0DT

P.S. Whichever route you eventually take, you should probably be made aware that anyone who enters publishing solely or primarily for monetary gain is a fecking whore.

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