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Caroline Healy: a name to watch...

Updated: Jan 1

Recently I was honoured to be invited by the brilliant “Prole” literary magazine to judge its short story competition 2012. Reading through the entries I was stunned by the quality of writing throughout.

Stories by Sophie Flavell, Mark Wagstaff, Alison Chandler, Andrew Kirby and Zoe Tuckley in particular really stood out, but for me there was only going to be one winner: “Baby River”, by Caroline Healy. As I said in my summing up:

“Writing in a child’s voice is easy to do badly and very difficult to do well. Caroline Healey superbly captures the voice of an eight year old girl; a frightening world full of dark shadows and ominous woods. Disturbing and compelling, this story will stay in my head for a long time.”

Check out stories and poems by Caroline, Sophie and many more talented new writers by ordering your copy of Prole issue 9 at:

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