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A Christmas Appeal - please save me from this 9-5 Hell (it won't cost you a penny)

This Christmas, I want to reach out to you – yes, YOU - with a very personal appeal. Since the age of 16, apart from a few spells on the dole, I have unfortunately had to supplement my meagre income, from writing by engaging in something called “work”. This is an intolerable state of affairs for someone of my sensitivities, and it has to stop. No longer do I wish to live my life clock-watching, time-checking, forelock-tipping. All I want to do is WRITE.

Now you can help me – and it won’t cost you a single penny. All you have to do is go to my Amazon pages, and there to obtain any of my four published books – Fire Horses, Out of Office, Kidology and Militant Factions – absolutely free. Make someone’s Christmas – and mine most of all. Because if enough of you obtain my books, and they rise through the Amazon ranks, there’s even a chance I might be able to do this fulltime.

I must stress that this is the very last time I will make such a crazy offer. Great things are afoot, both here and in the US, and more will be revealed shortly. So, this is your last chance to be in on the secret before it’s no longer a secret, and you join the mass, serried ranks of my various fan clubs. Why be a number – when you can be a name?

Goodbye for now,

Mark P

London, December 2021.

PS I love you, you know. I really do.


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