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"The Momentum is with Labour" - my first feature for the Global Institute for Democracy & Strategic Studies

Posted on October 9, 2017 at 11:20 AM

“The mood at the Labour Party’s annual conference is jubilant this year. Following a general election where he performed better than expected—though he still lost—leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has crushed his many critics within the party (or, as his supporters would prefer, re-educated them to his point of view) and, if yet another general election were to be called, would march into Downing Street, where no doubt he would soon be turning the back garden into an eco-friendly allotment. The UK, no longer hindered by the EU's harsh economic restrains, would soon become a socialist wonderland where education, health and transport are efficient, public-owned and free to use…”

Read the rest of my first Global Institute for Democracy & Strategic Studies article here.

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